Adjusting your Earth Watch Band

We always suggest taking your Earth Watch to a local watch or jewelry store to have the band adjusted.
These shops have the tools required to make adjustments without damaging your watch.

This Earth Watch has removable pins that hold 12 of the links in place.
A small tool with the correct diameter will be required to remove these pins.

  1. Position your watch with the end link closest to you, watch facing up.
  2. Begin with the pin that is closest to the clasp.
  3. Use your selected tool to press from the left side.
  4. The pin will be removed from the hole on the right side of the band.
  5. Once this pin has been removed, the link will be free from the band.
  6. Remove the pin from the same location of the next link, using the same method.
  7. Use one of the removed pins to reattach the band.
  8. Insert the pin from the right side of the band and press until firmly in place.

Using this method, you will be able to remove a total of 12 links from your Earth Watch.